Unseen new hot marriage couple tips for adjusting happy marriage life.

Unseen new hot marriage  couple tips for adjusting  happy marriage life

A newly marriage couple always feel unsafe due to their behaviour good or bad actually they don't know what is good or bad for his partner, if the reason is that  they meet suddenly and their relationship change in to married life.but sometime they feel unsafe due to unknown for each other, here we wrote some tips for batter adjustment marriage life in between  husband wife specially for newly couple.

Istly husband always speak truth with his  wife and wife also trying to speak truth with her husband.this is the foundation of newly  marriage couple.

Secondly newly  married couple help to each other in their own home work, this is very essential  to become a good  relationship both them.

Thirdly Husband always remmber the birthday  of his beloved wife.and also remember marriage anniversary every year. husband also remember and perform their duties to celebrated both function smartly with golden gift.

Fourthly husband always share their food with his wife , this small  things increase your love.

Fivethly not forgetting to gift his her realationship on special occasions like your promotion etc.

Sixly. This is the duties of both care parents each other, this is must and you got  bless  parents and elder time to time.

Seventhly working women give full love to his husband. Any mistake in love may danger your married life. This thing also joined with husband. He also love to his wife time to time.
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