How plying newly marriage life safely

How plying newly marriage life safely

Newly marriage life is a  sweet gift for each other husband and wife . In India it's say Sadi ka laddu jo khaye wo pastaye oor Sadi ka laddu jo nahi khaye wo bhi pastaye ,it's meaning is who  do marriage  feel sorry and who donot do marriage feel sorry. Actually the  life of marriage is depened on the decession of both couple. Any wrong decession take by any couple have lost the happy marrige life . Be always careful on the matter of any  family discussion . Any wrong discussion may be  the reason of marriage distribution. So always careful and take good decession timely. 

Some tips 
How  live  happly with new couple

1it's very eassy, ist both you share your love each other like as kissing, binding , laughing, talking, sharing  stores , sharing food , long traveling any tourist hill place etc . These activities strong your realationship.

2 if both are working , you always respect each other decession. As result your realationship may good soon.

3  share your health problem to each other timely as a result you got good treatment timely and your realationship may strong for each other. 

4 Newly couple  and all couple always  Respect  and help their parent each other , it's help to shortout small family problem and result you may getting  blessing of  your elder  time to time.

5 don't  extra argue with your partner on baseless topic. It's may bad for your realationship.

6  every occasion you provided special gift to your lover . If both are working then it's must both provided gift to each other. 

7 Love to your partner with open mind and also open both hand with lot of love has seen.

8 every year one trip is required to newly  couple  for outing  any hill station or near any  sea bank  for mind fresh  and  also  closed  and strong your  realationship . This purpose also help to increase family.

Eight  tips How can Adjust newly marriage couple life 

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