Dirty sexy man poem / सेक्सी कविता पाठ

Dirty sexy man poem  enjoyed / सेक्सी कविता पाठ

Dirty sexy poem 
On a man
The man
To connect and to attract a women
To got her love
He trying lot of things
Ist he send flowers 
But the women was very honest
For her husband
But sexy man
Want to achieve her in any how so
He trying  everday something to got her
On different way
Some time he send flowers to her
Some time he send some gifts for her
But honest women not came in his net
The man trying practices daily basis these things.
One day the women  was anger
She search his address through her sources and after some day she got his address.
The women soon  reached the man  home and complaint to his wife
For his guilty, 
She also seen all his gift which was given by his husband to her.
The man wife think 
Iam poor
I have shortage money
I earned money very heardly
But my husband expand to other women
So how can I live with him,
So she take a decision and leave her husband for ever.

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